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Five Important Tips to Pay Heed During Property Search

Property search is one of the most difficult tasks that one can experience in his life. If you buy a wrong device or book, you can return it back, but if you buy a wrong property, then you cannot just return it back simply. On top of that, you put lakhs of rupees on stake while buying property. Pay heed to the below-mentioned tips if you want to feel at ease while searching a property in India

Shortlist Couple Of Ideal Locations:

People would have built their homes in skies, only if they could. Reality is different as the property prices touch the sky. The best way to make sure that you have a hassle-free experience is to shortlist a couple of locations. You can take the help of any of your friends, relatives, and known people, or you can decide on your own as which area would you like to live in. You can also take the help of internet to decide an ideal location.

Tell Your Preferences To Property Consultant:

You may have certain expectations when it comes to your new home, which can be related to property location, society, number of bedrooms, garden, terrace, etc. It’s always good to keep the property consultant noted about all these requirements. After all he is going to charge money for his services; hence, there is no harm in making full use of this opportunity.


Consult With Your Financial Planner:

Don’t forget to consult with your financial planner or Chartered Accountant before you decide to buy a property. Tax is always a big headache nowadays, and if you are lucky, then your CA or FP may tell you a trick or two to save capital gain tax or property tax.

Keep Your Contacts Notified:

It’s always great to keep your contacts notified about your plans. They may come across any good property, which just fits your bills. Isn’t it a good deal. You don’t have to pay any brokerage fees or consultancy fees if any of your contacts suggests you a good property. A dinner or movie will be more than what anyone could ask for in such situation.

Give It Time And Efforts:

Property search isn’t done overnight. Make sure you put enough efforts and give it enough time, only then you can get your dream home.

Buying property can be a cake walk if you pay heed to the tips mentioned above while searching for property.