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Updating your holiday home

A holiday home is something that we all dream of. You might have bought a holiday home or inherited one, either way, a holiday home is like any other home, requiring updating from time to time. What you can do with the holiday home depends on your budget.

Updating a holiday home can be rewarding; you do not necessarily need a large budget and you do not need to do everything at once. Updating your holiday home can be done over the weekends or when you have some time off work.

Replacing the front door or repainting it can change the appearance of a home. First impressions matter, so creating a better entrance to your home using plants or paint can make it appear much more welcoming.

In the kitchen, you could install a new backsplash. There are many expensive backsplashes that you can buy, but if you do not have the budget, go for something inexpensive such as tin ceiling tiles, stainless steel or a wooden beadboard.


A new headboard can add charm to a bedroom and you could go for something unique. Headboards can be made from just about anything, and in a holiday home salvaged materials can be a good choice. Installing new lighting can change the appearance of any room and need not be expensive.

Another inexpensive option is to update cupboards by replacing the handles. Painting cupboards can also refresh a kitchen or bedroom. There are many inexpensive ways of updating or modernising your holiday home that you can do yourself. A trip to your local DIY store will provide not only the materials and tools you need, they may also run short courses on how to do common tasks. Design magazines can also often have interesting ideas of how to update a home on a budget.

If you have a larger budget you can hire firms to update your holiday home for you. This might sound like a lot of expense for a holiday home, but holiday homes can also be investments and it makes  good financial sense to keep them up to date and well equipped.

If you want your holiday home to generate an income, you need to consider how others will see your home. Fahad Al Rajaan, chairman of Ahli United Bank owns many homes around the world, and like everyone else he has to keep his homes up to date. Keeping your holiday home up to date is not only good for you as it gives you another home that you can go to and relax, it can also make good business sense.

A holiday home need not only be a place where you can go to relax, it can also provide rental income when you are not occupying it. Holiday homes can be a good investment if you choose the right location. Many people invest in a holiday home abroad that they intend to retire to, but before they retire they want to generate an income from their holiday home. However, to generate the best income from your holiday home you will need to keep it up to date.

Updating a holiday home can be rewarding, both for how you feel about your home and in generating a rental income.