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Invest in real estate to beat the economic slowdown

Investing in real estate has multiple benefits and this has been proven over the decades, across the world. Buying properties helps in more than one way including:

  • Peace of mind
  • Asset diversification
  • An investment for retirement
  • Strengthening social status, etc.

In addition to all of the benefits listed above, buying or investing in real estate also helps to beat the economic slowdown. Let’s see how –

Offers sustained rental income

Real estate, be it residential, commercial or industrial offers sustained rental incomes. However, most people prefer residential properties as compared to other asset class as it is:

  • More transparent
  • Requires lower capital
  • Gives excellent returns over shorter duration
  • Can be easily liquidated
  • Regulations are more consumer friendly
  • Has defined dispute resolution forums
  • Maintenance cost is low
  • Can be easily transacted via online portals like Housing.com, etc.

People who invest in properties and rent out those assets are assured of regular rental incomes which help in beating inflation as well as economic slowdown. This is not all; the rentals go up year on year by minimum of 10% and therefore an owner is assured ofincremental returns each year.


Unaffected by macro economy

Property as an asset class is unique. It remains unaffected by most global factors including:

  • Macro-economic conditions
  • Geo political issues
  • Stock market situation
  • Falling crude oil prices
  • Market conditions of developed countries like US, China, etc.

Hence, it is an excellent avenue to invest for regular income as well as capital appreciation over a period of time. This holds true for property in Dehradun as well as other cities of India. For complete information on prevailing markets and some of the best properties available in country, people can refer to Housing.com, India’s leading property website that facilitates buying, selling and renting of all kinds of realty assets.

Provides high capital appreciation in medium to long term

Real estate has a proven track record in terms of capital appreciation. There have been numerous instances of people making returns in access of 100% over duration of 3 to 5 years even in tier 2, tier 3 and tier 4 towns like Dehradun, Chandigarh, Jaipur, etc. In fact the valuation of 3 bhk flats in Dehradun has multiplied 5 to 7 times of original cost in less than a decade making it one of the most lucrative investment destinations amongst the emerging towns in India. For complete information on some of the best properties in emerging Indian cities people can refer to Housing.com.

Housing.com as a web portal has made several advancements in its endeavor to serve its customers the best. The latest in this series is the tool that lets all its users to explore the best deals and latest offers in residential realty segment. Here is a link to select section of Housing –

Works as a hedge against inflation

Last but not the least, one of the prominent benefits of real estate is that it acts as a hedge against inflation. The annual salary raise of 10% or returns of 8 to 9% in bank fixed deposit, recurring deposit schemes, unit linked insurance policy, employee provident fund, etc. will do no good to anyone. Thus, in order to make some good money on investment people must invest religiously in real estate. Nonetheless, these investments should be made under the guidance of financial experts.