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Easy (And Affordable) Bedroom Upgrades for Newlyweds

As you set out on your new life together s a married couple, now is the perfect time to create a warm, cozy, and inviting master bedroom sanctuary that you’ll both love coming home to at the end of a busy day. But whether you’re both just starting out in life or you’re bringing years of experience and world savvy into your union, joining two lives into one matrimonial bedroom can be a little tricky. Here are some tips and tricks for creating a luxurious space you’ll both love–without breaking the bank.

Storage is Key

Keep in mind that there will be two people sharing one space now, and that means twice the amount of stuff. Banishing clutter right off the bat is essential for newlyweds, as it helps set a precedent and diminishes bad habits before they have a chance to take root. Remember that, like all things in a marriage, compromise is essential. If you tend to dump the contents of your jeans or suit pockets on the dresser at the end of the day, a pretty basket or box can serve as an attractive catch-all for things like keys, change, wallets, lip gloss or cufflinks. Likewise, take a look at other things in your room–boxes, storage benches, empty drawers–and see what can pull double duty as storage space.


Keep the Focus Romantic

Far too many people take the romance right out of the bedroom before the honeymoon is even over. It’s called a bed room for a reason. If you’re only going to make one big purchase for your new boudoir, a luxurious place to lay your heads together should be it.

Keep the look luxurious and romantic with warm colors, inviting fabrics, and accents like a couple of throw pillows or a great throw blanket. Use the best linens you can, and don’t forget to  ask your partner for input.

Mix and Match

Nowhere does it say that you have to toss everything and start from scratch. In fact, one of the best ways to get a fun and eclectic new looks, according to sources like Home and Garden Television, is to combine styles, colors, and textures for a look that truly encompasses both of you. Perfectly matched sets of bedroom furniture actually have a way of looking clinical and impersonal, so mixing and matching can create a bedroom that is not only more warm and inviting, but stylish as well.

Start with pieces (yours or theirs–be fair) that best fit the size of the space, and take things from there. Keep things from looking disjointed by keeping to similar textures, colors, or a general overall theme.