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How to Organize your Stuff for your Move

Whether you are moving across town or across country, relocating your household can bring on some meltdowns. However, by planning ahead you can minimize the stress and increase the possibility that everything will go smoothly during and after the moving day. Make your move sweet and short with some tips for preparing, organizing and packing your stuff.

Figure Out how You Wish your New House to Feel

Consider getting rid of excess items. To have motivation in clearing cutter, consider this as a chance to streamline your possessions and let go of some items. Now is definitely your chance. As you consider the items to keep, imagine packing them, carrying them from your old place to the new one and then unpacking them. Are they worth the effort? Would you love to see these items in your new place? Your answer should help you decide whether to really keep them or let go of them.


Begin with a Virtual Move

In case you are not used to backing your data up, consider investing in an external drive or registering for a data storage service online. Ensuring that the files in your computer and digital photo are backed up can reduce the stress you already have as you start to plan your move.

Organize Cords for Easier Setup

Every cord must be labelled with the name of your device it is used for. This will make sure that you do not have to spend time and effort in finding the specific cord you will need later. Devices with multiple cords require the use of colored dot stickers for labeling every cord and the hole it plugs into on the device’s back.

Use a Fireproof Lock Box to Keep Essential Papers

Just like backing computer files up, saving necessary papers in a lock box must be done. Gather passports, birth certificates and other records and financial documents in the box. As the moving day arrives, you should bring this box with you in your car.

Do Not Move Items you Haven’t Been Using for Years

A lot of your belongings in the attic, garage or basement may sit untouched and forgotten about for many years. In case you can no longer remember the last time you wished to use them, it is time to let them go. After paring things down, you can pack the items in your storage areas and label them for your move.

Use a Moving Binder

Information from moving companies like NYC Dumbo Moving or truck rental companies, your master packing list, to-do-list and a zip-top that has memory sticks can be placed inside. When the moving day almost arrives, tuck in a folder that has current bills, your check book and stamps. Ensure that you always have the binder as you move. If you are taking a long-distance move, think about including flight details and vaccination records in case your pets travel with you.

Clear Outside Zones

You don’t want to tackle all the outdoor items when the packing process is about to end. But sometimes, this can be the last area to be dealt with. In order to make things easier, give the outdoor areas a walk-through, pulling aside junky stuff.