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Cheap way to move interstate stress free!

Cheap and best way of moving interstate these days is very simple you just need to do it yourself  butits not easy as it sounds , you need to do lot of homework and research before you choose to opt for this option . Because lot of people tried and tested but failed at the end of the day. One of my best mates , and he is a family man with two kids and one new born also his wife’s mum came to live with them after her husband’s death , its nice of them to allow her to live them as we see in modern world we don’t see that happening much  , but I reckon she would move in some time once she is out of that memory. With this family they have been living in Melbourne with me for a while and he’s got a high paying job in bank of Queensland one of the biggest banks of Australia and a very fat pay cheque. That’s all good and where the trouble started for them is when they decided to move their furniture which is quite expensive to interstate and its not overnight journey and its quite long distance and packing them and loading them in to truck and then keeping a track of that truck and unloading them again at new place and placing them and arranging them, there is lot of work involved in this sort of stuff .

One mistake they did is they went with someone new and have not had much experience in handling this  moving houses for longer distances . Then starts the misery and they ended up delivering it late and on top of it some of their costliest stuff has been damaged and some of the stuff has not been delivered so this is definitely not my mate and his family wanted to happen. So just looking for a cheap Money saving Interstate furniture moving company company to make your move easier is not the only criteria you need to look at , you also need to consider how experienced they are and how many staff and depots they have and what rail service they use and most importantly do they offer moving insurance for your furnitureincase of any mishap. And also you need to enquire if they have any dedicated moving expert who can guide you throughout the move .

Because you may need the help of a moving expert not just to let you know where about are the furniture but also to do with packing and loading. Some of the companies use a truck to move your goods and its not helpful and some companies use the containers to transport your furniture that’s the best option as you can be rest assured that compact container is much better than a wobbly truck driven by a random guy. And these companies who are using these shipping containers for long distance moves are been in the market for a while and they also have some certifications and authentications by the government. So you can certainly rely on them when you compare or even thinking of using a typical Truckee

The advantage you would have using these container experts is that they will be taking lot of care on your belongings and their customer service representatives can help you guiding throughout your move And coming to saving few dollar’s on these moves , you can actually save a lot of money on these moves compared to using truck or a full service Removals . You can goggle them and they are called self pack container removals’ companies.