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Some Quick Hacks to a Better Sleep Tonight

You’ve probably heard of a dozen or so tips and tricks when it comes to sleeping well at night, including counting sheep, exercising, keeping your bedroom at a good, cool temperature, setting a sleep schedule for yourself, and so on. But whilst all these tips may work, they may often require a good deal of effort and investment on your part. If you want to start sleeping better tonight, here are some quick sleeping hacks you should know about.

Eat a snack one hour before bed

If you want to start sleeping better, you should eat a snack right before going to bed – an hour or two before, at least. But the snack you eat makes a difference as well, as you wouldn’t want to be eating crisps or a candy bar before going to bed and risk making yourself feel more awake than ever. What you should do is eat snacks which are a combination of calcium and protein, especially proteins which contain tryptophan (an amino acid which alters into serotonin, promoting better sleep). These types of snacks would include yoghurt and a bit of cereal, a banana with some peanut butter, or even the tried-and-tested glass of milk with biscuits.


Stay calm if you can’t sleep

Another quick hack to a better sleep is this: stay calm. If you’ve already laid your head on the pillow but can’t seem to fall asleep, don’t panic and start pacing round your room. Getting out of bed because you can’t sleep will not do you any good. Instead, stay in between the covers. To steady your nerves, do some deep breathing exercises or meditate until you feel sleepy.

Take advantage of smells and scents

Believe it or not, there are some smells which may help you have a better sleep. Lavender oil, for instance, can relax both your body and mind and help you drift off. Other smells and scents, such as chamomile, can increase your brain wave activity and contribute to a feeling of drowsiness. One way to take advantage of these scents and smells is to buy aromatherapy candles, or mix a few drops of the scents’ essential oil with water, place it in a spray bottle, and spray your room, pillows, and bed linen.

Whilst making sure you eat right, exercise regularly and well, and have a good body clock or rhythm are all tantamount to giving you a good sleep, there’s nothing like a few tricks and hacks to help you right at the moment when you feel desperate. Getting a good night’s sleep is essential for everyone, and it keeps you healthy, positive, and alert. So don’t be afraid to try the above-mentioned hacks (and everything else in between) so you can have the good night’s sleep you deserve.

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