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Enjoy Cool Nights and Stay Safe With Security Screen Doors

As the weather begins to cool in metro Phoenix, being able to enjoy the temperature without turning to the AC is nice. With an often 30 degree difference between day and night, simply opening a few windows and screen doors helps leave the house comfortable while reducing energy bills at the same time. The main problem with this though is the lack of security. Screen doors generally provide little security, so if the main door is left open, someone can simply open the sliding door screen and walk right into the house. That is, unless a home owner invests in a security sliding door. While the deadbolt, traditional door will always provide the highest level of security, these sliding doors provide a solid upgrade over the standard screen door and serves as an excellent home improvement addition to any home.


Security and Safety at the Same Time

Whether living in Phoenix itself or residing in Glendale, Tempe, Mesa or any one of the nearby cities, taking in the cooler weather of nighttime in the Arizona desert is a major money saver. Relying on only a screen door for security though can prove less than desirable though, which is why investing in security sliding door screens in Phoenix AZ is the best option. Thankfully, there are a few different options available in order to fit a home owner’s needs for style and security.

Ditch the Mesh

One of the most important ways to improve security is to ditch the mesh. The vast majority of screens and screen doors are made up of a mesh material. Typically constructed from very thin metal intertwined together, it is easily cut and damaged. Even with an improved locking system if someone wants to get in, all they need is a knife of some sorts to cut through the mesh. With a security sliding door screen, the mesh is removed for something capable of offering more of a defensive opportunity.

Security sliding door screens boast a metal construction but use thicker bars instead of mesh. Designs can vary, so from simple, vertical bar constructions to more intricate options, the security doors allow for the same fresh air exposure while removing the main security flaw of a traditional screen.

Lock and Key

Improved security screen doors can be locked and unlocked using a key. With an installed metal frame, the security door can go in front of a traditional wood door and still have a solid lock. When both doors are shut, the security sliding door screen can be used as a secondary protective lock in front of the primary, wood door. This instantly increases the level of security for any home. So, for home owners looking to not only improve the livibility of their home but also the level of security, this is one of the best ways to do it.

Enjoying the cooler temperatures around Phoenix can help reduce energy bills. A screen door makes this possible, while a security sliding door allows for increases security as well.