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How to Price Your Furniture when Selling?

A lot of people opt for used and renovated furniture today not only because it is more affordable but also because people value stories. If you have a couple of old coffee tables or cupboards, then why not earning something by selling them? This article will help you set the right and fair price for them.



Craftsmanship means that your furniture was created hand-made by a professional. Very often old pieces, especially made of wood, are constructed of a solid piece of wood which makes them extremely valuable. If you have such a piece with strong joints and a good bonding glue, then there will be no problems to get a buyer. People looking for such furniture will simply browse “find a seller to buy outdoor furniture” and will instantly get you on the list. The main point here is to ensure that the piece is in great condition, otherwise you will not be able to ask for high price for it.


This is a logical continuation of the previous point. As already said, outdoor furniture pieces will be impossible to sell if they are in bad shape. To ensure that everything is fine you need to simply visually examine every piece you are planning to sell.

A quick glance at your furniture will give you the idea of general condition while more precise look at joints and mechanisms will demonstrate whether you need to replace or repair anything inside. For wooden pieces make sure that there are no termites signs inside.

In case there are some problems, try to improve them or just create furniture sale for a given piece to get at least something for it.


Another point that buyers are concerned about is to ensure that their purchased outdoor furniture will match with the size of their room or patios. So your job here is to carefully measure every piece of outdoor furniture that you are trying to sell and write dimensions in the description of the product. In this way you will be able to demonstrate that you are a serious seller and know your product well.


When people are looking through outdoor furniture sale options one of the main point for them is comfort. Some inside chairs or sofas might not be perfectly usable, but will match the overall design and that will be enough to buy them. For outdoor furniture people are choosing piece that will be perfect in terms of style, functional, and comfortable, so three in one.

If you are selling on a garage sale some of your furniture, make sure that you allow people to try it before they purchase it. Do not ban them from touching or trying your furniture as these are decisive factors for many. If selling online, you will have to create a proper description to the product so that it is clear what level of comfort a given piece can create. The examples of proper descriptions you can find if browse Kijiji for furniture sale advertisements from other sellers.