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A Trip Back In Time – Kitchen 20 Years Ago

Kitchens 20 years ago are a whole lot different to kitchens of today. While some of the kitchens of today may pay homage to a ‘vintage’ style, many of them are still fairly modern. There’s nothing worse than an ‘outdated’ kitchen, as it’s a room we use every single day. We should love the design so we enjoy spending time in there and going about our day. It’s one of the most important rooms in the home and one that can add a lot of value to the home too. Let’s take a look at kitchens 20 years ago so you can see how things have changed:

Ceramic Tiles

The sales of ceramic tiles were booming back in the 90s. Just about everything used ceramic tiling, from oven backsplashes to floors. While some kitchens still use ceramic tiles today, they aren’t as overused as they once were.

Black Granite Counter Tops

Oftentimes, homes in the 90s tried to get a sleek look with the help of black granite counter tops. However, these were usually paired with the wrong kinds of wood and accessories, creating more of a mismatched look than the chic look people wanted to achieve.

Oak Overload

Is it just us, or did everybody in the 90s go oak crazy? Oak cabinets were extremely popular, as well as oak accessories. Chances are, you knew somebody whose kitchen was made solely from this type of wood.



It felt like there was a lot of clutter in the 90s, not as much storage room, bigger appliances, chunkier counter tops. Nowadays you have much sleeker work surfaces, clever storage solutions and much smaller kitchen gadgets.

Laminate Everything

Many people still use laminate today, but kitchens of the 90s were covered in the stuff. It was just far cheaper and simpler to lay down the its more expensive counterparts.

Frosted Pendant Lights

Frosted pendant lights were a big thing in the 90s. Pretty much every single kitchen was adorned with these oh-so-trendy (at the time) fixtures. These days, pendants can still be used to create a stylish look, but they aren’t frosted and look far more contemporary.

A Simple Interior

People didn’t tend to overcomplicate things in the 90s. This could be considered a good thing! In comparison, now there is so much choice you require a kitchen design company to ensure you get everything perfect.

White, Brown, Stone, And Cream Colour Schemes

You probably wouldn’t have found a colourful, quirky, or eclectic kitchen very easily in the 90s. No, 90s kitchens were all about neutral colours like white, brown, stone, and cream. Many of the colour schemes found were on the warmer side of things. These days, people like to go for things like black and white, or even an eclectic kitchen design filled with bold colours for something a little different.

You probably look back on some kitchens you’ve been in the past and remember some of these things fondly. Oak cabinets, frosted pendants, cream colour schemes, and ceramic tiles are all too familiar to us! What do you remember 90s kitchens being filled with?