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JEE Advanced Rank Predictor 2017

With the board exams going on and the competitive exams looming just ahead, all students are thinking about now are scores and ranks because these are what matter the most right about now in their lives. It doesn’t matter whether you are a student from the biggest metropolitan city or from the farthest corner of the country, if you are an IIT aspirant, marks are all you care about at this moment. And rightly so! These marks will determine whether you get into the best institutes of the country, the college of your choice, or you end up in any random college. This will have an impact on the direction your life will take. We’re talking dreams and careers here.

IIT aspirants have it especially worse. First, they have to clear their boards, followed by a solid performance in JEE Main which should not be anything less than outstanding. Then only can they sit and appear for the JEE Advanced which will be the final determining exam for them to get into any of the IITs in the country. Now, it is understood why IIT aspirants are so rank conscious; they have to be!


How are ranks calculated?

Recently, the Joint Entrance Examination Apex Board has decided to scrap the 60-40 system. From this year onward, in order to qualify for JEE Advanced, candidates need to score a minimum of 75% in JEE Main or they need to be in the top 20 percentile of their respective boards. Based on their scores achieved, each student will be allocated a rank. This will be observed by all Government technology institutes in addition to NITs, IIESTs, and IIITs.

This is a breath of relief for students who will be taking these exams for it is a .huge burden lifted off their shoulders. The erstwhile system expected them to excel at both boards and entrance, which is a possible but extremely tough feat to accomplish. Now they can focus more on getting into those prestigious IITs by cracking JEE Advanced.

Can JEE Advanced ranks be predicted?

Now, students can get their JEE Advanced ranks predicted using the JEE Main Rank Predictor using boards marks that will give them the nearest possible result or performance in the exam and an insight on where stand. This is an effective way of keeping track of their performance and if their current performance is enough to get them the rank they are aiming for!

Get going with your JEE Advanced preparations and get awesome preparations tips for JEE Advanced ! All the best!