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Tips to Sell Your House on Your Own

There is no doubt that selling a house is not an easy task and, therefore, many people spend their valuable money and opt to hire a real estate agent to sell their property. However by taking care of certain things, you can sell your house on your own and save yourself a lot of money that otherwise, you will have to pay to the agent.

A seller agent charges around 2-3% of the evaluated price of the property and you can save this money by sealing the deal on your own. Here’s how; read on.


Don’t get too excited with the price

When you are going to sell your house by yourself, don’t think as an owner because everyone tends to price their home for more.  Think like a buyer and evaluate the price of the house accordingly. Figure out the price that you would be willing to pay for this house. If you place your house on the market with realistic prices, then you will get more offers and you can seal the deal for your house in lesser time on better price.

A house sold by owner without an agent can also get a good price if it is evaluated according to the pricing of other houses in the neighbourhood. Look for an anchor property in your area; anchor property is a termed used for an overpriced house in an area. It provides benefit to other houses around, if they are priced for less because buyers think of these properties as better deals.

Depersonalise your home

If you are going to sell your house, then make the house clear of your personalised items. Remember that a house cluttered with family photos and antiques doesn’t have any emotional value for others. Therefore, try to remove all those items that can become a turn-off for buyers.

Do Some Necessary Repairing

Whoever is going to buy your house will look out for the minor details in the house and, therefore, it is necessary to take care of those minor repairs that your house needs. A small patch of peeled off plaster, loose doorknobs, or a faulty tap can be fixed with a small amount of money. However, neglecting those minor repairs will only repel the potential buyers.

Hire a Professional Property Stylist

In a competitive real estate market, the presentation of your property greatly matters. Many times, the presentation of the house matters the most for any buyer. There are professional property stylists out there who can prepare your house for sale in a way that it can stand out among other properties. Stylists like http://advantagestyling.com.au/ can help you get the best deal for your house with their immaculate styling of the house. They highlight the lifestyle features of your house with the help of suitable furniture and home ware.

Work on the Signage

Using a lazy signboard that reads ‘for sale’ with a phone number written on one side will not help you get more purchase calls for your house. Apart from listing your house to make sure that your house gets noticed, use a professionally designed signage in front of your house to get more calls for the purchase.