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Benefits of Treated Pine

When you have a wood fencing project, you want to use fence posts that are durable, versatile, and low-cost.  Treated wood is a better choice when it comes to fencing your yard and it comes with many benefits.  You will find that many fence installers and homeowners prefer pine since it is cost effective and long-lasting.  That’s why you find it being used for other purposes like decking because it can withstand the impact and can’t wear out easily.  If you are installing a fence in your home, you want to know these benefits of permeated pine:


Compared to other woods, pine tends to be more available.  Because wood can suffer from environmental damage or be attacked by insect-like termites, you want to ensure that it is treated.  In the past, pine was treated using chromate copper arsenate, however, because of the arsenic substance that is considered a pollutant, manufacturers have turned to more improved wood treatment methods. For example, micronized copper quaternary is considered safe and allows the pine wood to retain its original natural color.

Low Cost

One reason why fence installers prefer treated pine is because it offers low-cost applications.  The wood itself isn’t as expensive as other woods of same class like cedar and ipe wood.  Because it is treated, that adds to its cost-effectiveness since it last longer and guarantees good performance over the years.  You won’t be out in the market soon looking for wooden posts to re-fence your yard. 


Pinewood is susceptible to fungal infection and damage by insects.  It also absorbs moisture easily meaning the wood you use could get damaged after a few years.  However, these problems are solved by treating pine for fencing.  The preservatives used to treat the wood ensure that no fungal infections will attack it and its life increases.  Although there are no maintenance free woods, when it comes to permeated pine, it offers minimal maintenance.  You can have your fence lasting up to 15 years with minimal maintenance effort.

Earth Friendly

Previously, the chemicals used to treat pine were considered soil or air contaminants, but with evolving technology, newer treatment methods ensure that the wood is eco-friendly.  Although you may argue that using wood logs to get posts for fencing destroys the environment, when the wood is obtained in a sustainable way, it reduces chances of environmental degradation.  Wood doesn’t require cumbersome manufacturing as you find with metal or vinyl materials that use a lot of energy to produce and release hazardous chemicals to the environment.  Permeated pine fencing doesn’t contaminate the environment and it is deposited as a waste material.  In fact, the wood can be reused in other ways at home. 

High Strength and Durability

Buying impregnated pine wood from a timber yard can be almost four times stronger than materials like plastic.  When exposed to sunlight, it doesn’t absorb much heat and it will stay stronger and remain durable.  Because permeated pine is impervious to rotting, it can stay intact for decades, that’s why manufacturers will give you years of warranty because they are sure of the quality of the lumber.

When sealed and treated properly, pine can endure for years.  You will have a fence that you won’t need replacing anytime soon.  The finished appearance of painted and sealed pine also gives you a beautiful fence.  The options for decorating the fence are many, you can choose from different stains.