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How roller shutters can keep your home secure

According to statistics, at least one home in Australia is burgled every two minutes. In other studies conducted on break-in victims, about 24 percent of theft victims feel that there is not much the police can do. While the crime rate in Australia has risen to an alarming rate in the recent months, it is evident that even the police and private security companies cannot do anything to help. Burglars have learned to skillfully maneuver through the various forms of security alarm systems that are put in place to enhance home and commercial property security. In addition, police officers and security teams will painfully take about half an hour to arrive on the scene which gives burglars just enough time to steal and escape. This means that even if you have security systems installed in your home, you still have much to worry about the safety of your home. Outdoor Security Shutters are not yet widely adopted as part of security for homes in Australia, they can provide an additional layer of security to Australian homeowners. Roller shutters act as an effective deterrent to burglars who may try to take advantage of your doors and windows for break-ins. In this article, we will look at how roller shutters can keep your home secure.

Security against Intruders

Rollers Shutters are made from metal which means that they are impossible to break and get through. In addition, they are designed to be opened only one way. Therefore, nobody from outside can be able to try and lift the window that it is covering. Once you have closed the shutters, they lock into place and prevent intruders from neither breaking your windows nor seeing what is inside your home. The inability to see inside your rooms also adds to the security of your house. When you have gone to work or have gone for a holiday, you will simply pull your roller shutters down to cover your windows completely. This will block off anybody from outside viewing whatever valuables are inside your rooms. This in turn gives you a peace of mind regardless of how far away you are far away from your home.

Security against the Elements

Weather elements like strong winds, falling tree branches, hailstorms, and even bushfire can damage your window glasses and ruin your home. Luckily, roller shutters can help keep all these elements at bay when installed on your windows. Whether it is a fire or storm, the shutters will prevent it from reaching inside your rooms and damaging your property. This is because roller shutters are made from Aluminum which can withstand extreme temperature and weather conditions. They also feature radiant heat-shielding features thanks to the radiant properties of the materials used.

Security against the Sun’s Rays

When windows are left opened without anything to cover them, they bring in a lot of light especially during those hot summer days. As lots of this bright light continuously enters through your windows, it exposes your valuables including your furniture to the sun’s harmful UV rays. This in turn leads to them fading at a faster rate. The best way to protect your household belongings from this harmful UV rays is by installing roller shutters on all your windows. By getting shutters installed on them, you will have full control over the amount of light that will enter your rooms. What’s more is that they also help to keep heat inside your home during the cold winter days.


If your house has ever been burgled before, you know how vulnerable it is to know someone can easily gain entry to your home. However, the reality of home security systems today is that they have proved to be less effective in keeping homes secure. Nowadays, burglars tend to target those homes with inadequate security options for easy break ins. This has led to prevalence of home burglaries, leaving homeowners at a loss. It is high time that homeowners added roller shutters to their home security solution before they sit back and assume that they have enough protection. Incorporating roller shutters in your security solution will definitely discourage burglars from not only breaking into your home, but also from making an attempt to.