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Three Causes of Low Toilet Water Flow

Has your toilet been failing to deliver with every flush lately? People often simply may not notice until the problem becomes much too noticeable. However, if you are noticing low flow in your toilet, here are a few simple things to check before calling in a professional Victoria plumber.

Float arm adjustment

Inside most toilet tanks is a mechanism for registering the depth of the water inside the reservoir. One of the most common causes of low toilet water when you flush is that the arm sits too low when it triggers the automatic water shut off. If not enough water is getting into the reservoir then your flushes will be less powerful and the bowl may not fill up correctly. This is a simple fix though, as adjusting the arm, or in rare cases replacing the arm, will help make sure that your toilet reservoir fills up to the right level which will make every flush more successful. One thing to do is several test flushes after you have adjusted the arm to make sure it is not under filling or overfilling the reservoir.

Bowl problems

Another problem that can sometimes cause issues with a flush is your toilet bowl itself may have a manufacturer defect. Some toilet bowls may have developed tiny holes inside the porcelain. The problem with these holes is that they can cause water to slowly leak out not only causing a potential leak in your bathroom but also lowering the water level depths of the toilet bowl itself making it less efficient when it comes to flushing.

If the leak can be identified, it is an easy fix as there are actually toilet patch kits that can assist in filling holes. One thing to keep in mind about this type of fix is that many plumbers in Victoria consider it to be a temporary fix not a long-term one. Keep an eye on the hole and if your toilet starts to leak again or continues to leak it may be time to replace the bowl entirely.


The last leading cause of low flow can be a stopper problem. The stopper is inside the reservoir and, as its name implies, is designed to stop water from flowing in after it reaches a certain point. However, stoppers that continue to run and leak can become a potential low water flow problem in your toilet. Not only that but it can also cause you to rack up an expensive water bill for water you never even got to use.

Stoppers can be affected by primarily two things – either the chain needs adjusting or it has gotten tangled in the way, or there is some other obstruction which is keeping the stopper from sealing correctly with the bottom of the reservoir. Checking these two issues is quick and simple and adjusting the chain can help to make sure that it stays out of the way and does not block the stopper from closing correctly.