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Why You Should Hire a Custom Builder Before You Buy Your Lot

Many individuals think that shopping for a lot is no different than shopping for clothes and so they start looking at a piece of property based on its views, proximity to their work, amount of noise, or other aesthetic qualities. However, doing so can potentially be detrimental as there are many other more subtle qualities that a professional home builder would be able to point out to you. So what are some of the best reasons to go lot shopping with your new home builder in Victoria BC?

Site-built ability

Many people think that because a lot is labeled buildable that it is easy to do so. However, your home building expert can potentially save you from this naive pitfall. The truth is, house building prices will vary depending on where the house is built, the accessibility of materials, accessibility of shipments, and ease of access to the site itself. Where you may see a beautiful view, a contractor may see a long, slow, dangerous road for home building equipment and charge accordingly.

If money is an important factor to you, then knowing the cost of materials and knowing what it will cost to get them shipped to the location are all important considerations that your home builder would be able to relay to you.


Going back to that hillside view you have selected, your home builder may also take the opportunity to correctly point out that the nearest electricity, water, and sewage connections are all at the bottom of the hill a quarter mile away. You looked at the site and although private and with an excellent view, it will also include a significant price to get these necessary house utilities up to the location. A buildable lot does not necessarily mean that it has all the utilities already present. The construction needed for water, sewer, and electricity can be significant additional costs to a site.

Ground testing

Something that simply never occurs to most individuals looking for a lot is to actually test the ground itself. When bringing a home builder with you for your land inspection, they can do some preliminary testing to find out what the ease or difficulty of digging in this particular location will be. If you’re digging through simple dirt, then the cost of excavating for your foundation and utilities will be significantly reduced. However, if your preferred location is on a slab of stone with dirt holding together a near continuous mound of boulders, then the excavation process is going to be far harder, longer, and much more expensive.

In short, a Victoria BC custom home builder will be able to point out the additional hidden costs and potential problems of any home site helping save you time, effort, and ultimately tons of money on your quest for your dream home.

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