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Choosing the best radiator for a kitchen

In many families today, life revolves around the kitchen. A kitchen is so much more than just a place to cook; it can be the place the family gathers together and a space to entertain guests too.

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According to a recent study reported in the Independent only a quarter of adults in the UK actually know as many as ten recipes, but even so, we do choose to spend time in the kitchen, so your choice of radiator is one of the important design considerations.

How to choose a radiator for your kitchen

Kitchens vary in many different ways so there are various aspects to consider. Naturally, the size of the room will dictate the amount of heat that you need the radiator to provide. Using a heat loss calculator will ensure that you select the right size for your space. Because heat requirements can vary at different times of day, it is important that the heat output can be adjusted, so you really need thermostatic valves to do this automatically. This is also a greener option than having a radiator that is heating a room unnecessarily.

The design of your kitchen may also limit the space available for your radiator, and this is where tall, slim column radiators can often be ideal. If you think this solution is only for luxury interiors and are wondering how much do column radiators cost, you may be agreeably surprised at how affordable they actually are.

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Selecting a finish for your kitchen radiator

The kitchen is a room where hygiene is important, so ensuring that the radiator you choose can be cleaned easily is a top consideration. Smooth rather than textured finishes are preferable, and if the connecting pipework comes from the wall rather than from the floor, it will be much easier to keep the area around the radiator clean.

Finishes such as chrome will often produce a lower heat output, and the less expensive chrome options may not be as long lasting as finishes like stainless steel or aluminium. You may prefer to have a finish that matches a painted kitchen or your worktops, and this could be where you choose an especially colour matched radiator.

When you have identified the size and space for your radiator, you can choose from a wide selection of designs that will enhance your kitchen.