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Why Are The Lights In My Home Flickering

Something most people notice is that the lights in the house flicker every once in awhile. If this happens once in awhile there is no cause for concern, however if it’s happening more frequently you may have a bigger issue. A little detective work from a Victoria BC electrician may help you sort out the problem before you decide to have an electrical inspection done, let’s look at some reasons you may be experiencing more frequent  flickering lights in your home. The most common reason for the lights flicker is the electrical system is experiencing a momentary overload, it may be the result of an appliance or piece of equipment being plugged in. This is much more common in an older home and no reason to be concerned however you may want to consider upgrading the electrical system. Be aware that anytime there is a burning smell along with the flickering don’t delay in calling an electrical contractor without delay.

Faulty Light Switch

When you notice the flickering is always in the same light bulb or series of bulbs controlled by the same switch it could indicate that switch is faulty. Avoid using the switch until it can be repaired or replaced to prevent it from overheating and causing an electrical fire.

Faulty Appliances

Another reason for lights flickering is a TV or vacuum for example that is faulty causing surges in the electrical system. If you notice the lights dim or flicker stop using the appliance until it can be replaced or repaired.

Why Do LED Lights Flicker

Your electrical system has nothing to do with LED lights flickering and everything to do with the dimmer switch. Dimmer switches work by powering the electricity on and off several times per second which works well with traditional bulbs that have a piece of metal or filament that cools down slowly giving the dimmer effect. The principle behind LED lights works more the same as the power supply and is the cause of the flickering when there’s no  slow cool down because they lack a filament. The flickering is annoying and yet harmless, to avoid the problem look for dimmer switches designed specifically for LED bulbs.

When you’ve done your check of the reasons listed above and haven’t found the reason it may be a good indication that it’s time to call on the expertise of an electrical contractor to discover what’s causing the ongoing problem.