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How to Stop Rain from Coming in Through the Windows and Doors in Your Home

You want to stop rain from coming in through your windows and doors? Simply close and lock them. Problem solved. 

But wait, you’ve done that already and you’re still seeing moisture seepage in and around your window frames and entry doors Raleigh NC? Well then, you may have a bigger issue to deal with…or better yet, a much smaller one. 

When you notice rain coming in your home even though everything is shut tightly, you could have very tiny cracks and gaps that are tough to spot with the naked eye. Even if you see a trail of moisture leading from the area that has been compromised, it can still be a real challenge to solve the problem by locating the exact source of the leak itself. 

Water Trickles and Spreads

That’s the main problem here. Even when you detect water on your floor or along the wall, it can be tough to find the precise location of the leak. That’s because water is too lucid and moisture spreads out the further it gets into any room or crawlspace in the home. 

It’s even tougher to find a leak when there is no water coming in at all. Air leaks are almost impossible to locate unless you know how to do it and what equipment to use in your efforts. Many homeowners may decide to go right to the experts and have a licensed technician come out to their home and do an assessment of the problem areas to find where air may be seeping in. 

But there are steps you can take yourself, without paying for the service call. 

Check Around Your Windows

Are your frames seated properly in place? Are your sashes closed all the way? Maybe you have some broken caulk or perhaps a cracked pane of glass? These are the obvious places to look first but you need to start somewhere. This is where to do that. 

In many cases, some fresh caulk and/or some new weather-stripping can solve window problems where air and rain are getting in even when your windows are closed. 

Another major problem you could have with your windows is warping. A warped window frame is just about impossible to fix and you will need to have it replaced. The same thing goes for your doors, but replacing a door that is warped is typically easier and less expensive than putting in brand new replacement windows. 

The Right Equipment

For those particularly tiny, hairline gaps and fractures that might appear around your doors and windows you will need some additional help on your side. An infrared thermometer is the ideal choice for getting to the specific location of a leak in the home.

The thermometer is designed to find the smallest and most subtle changes in temperature so you can get a better sense of where in the walls or floors your leaks may be located. Once you’ve identified your leak, you can then patch it up so you don’t have to worry about water getting in and water damage becoming a very real possibility.