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What Type of Carpet Is Easiest to Keep Clean?

When it comes to getting a clean carpet, you want the carpet that’s going to be the easiest to maintain. But many homeowners may be under the impression they should buy one type of carpet over another so they are able to keep it cleaner for longer and without too much effort. 

That leads them to ask which type of carpet is the easiest to keep clean, so they can purchase that particular carpet. Take it from your friends at J&P Independence Chem-Dry, there is no real hard and fast answer to this question. You can keep any type of carpet clean as long as you do the work. Some carpets are designed to last longer and some require less steps in order to maintain the condition and protect the fibers of your carpet. 

But with so many carpet types available on the market, your options for finding …

Effective Pet Odor Treatments For Carpet

If you have one or more pets at home, it won’t take long for them to completely destroy the carpet, especially if they’re not fully housebroken. Even if your pet is well behaved and doesn’t have a lot of accidents, it can still end up hurting your carpet just by spending too much time on one spot. Dogs and cats both like to spread around their scent to “mark” certain areas of the house, so don’t be too surprised when your home rug ends up looking a bit worn and starts to smell of your pet after a time. Fortunately, you don’t have to let your pet run the show. With a few basic carpet cleaning tips and regular trips to Omaha’s healthier carpet cleaning service, your carpet can look and smell fresh as a daisy no matter how hard your pet tries to get in the way. For a …