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Monthly Archive: February 2016

Why Cleaning Your Windows Can Save You Money on Heating

When you try to size an air conditioner for a room ahead of a purchase, one of the questions that you get asked is about the size of the window in the room. If you have a large window that lets in a lot of sunshine, it would raise the temperature considerably. The air-conditioning contractor will usually tell you that you can save a lot on your heating bills by using tinted film of some kind on the window. It’ll keep out some of the sun, and make your home cooler.

Those windows will make your home cooler in winter, too.

According to Kay Heating and Air, a leading professional heating repair service, the equation works the other way around in the cool months. If your window catches the sun in the winter, but it has tinted film, it won’t let in the warmth that you need. It’ll cost …