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Monthly Archive: July 2016

Why You Still Need to Trim Your Trees in the Summer

For many types of trees, summer isn’t an ideal time for major pruning, as the wounds it causes may be exposed longer and “bleed” more prodigiously than in the dormant season, increasing the likelihood of disease or infestation.

That said, there’s definitely a place for trimming trees in the summer, and neglecting it can be detrimental to the tree itself, to surrounding structures, and to human safety.


Summer Pruning

In some situations, summer’s actually an ideal time for trim work. For one thing, certain hardwoods–including maples, birches, and walnuts–bleed sap extensively during the growing season, and it’s often better to prune these when the year’s new growth has matured and leaves are full-sized. This may be anywhere from late spring to midsummer, depending on the region and the species in question.

Although the peak season for pruning apple trees is usually late winter, summer trimming can also be beneficial: …

Hazardous Household Chores

Your home is your castle, but it might not be as safe as one. Maintaining your home also means taking care of certain essential chores, no matter how dangerous or distasteful they might be. Preparing in advance, and knowing when to enlist the help of a professional, are two things every homeowner can do to fix, maintain, and improve their home.

Changing Light Bulbs

A seemingly mundane task that is often put off until you’re standing in a dark room, there’s a lot than can go wrong when you’re changing a light bulb. Most of the accidents involved in changing a light bulb happen when you don’t have a proper ladder, and improvise by standing on a tabletop or the back of the couch. Then there’s the issue of having a substitute light to see by, along with any trouble you might have removing a broken old bulb, or choosing …