Home Care

Home Care

Hazardous Household Chores

Your home is your castle, but it might not be as safe as one. Maintaining your home also means taking care of certain essential chores, no matter how dangerous or distasteful they might be. Preparing in advance, and knowing when to enlist the help of a professional, are two things every homeowner can do to fix, maintain, and improve their home.

Changing Light Bulbs

A seemingly mundane task that is often put off until you’re standing in a dark room, there’s a lot than can go wrong when you’re changing a light bulb. Most of the accidents involved in changing a light bulb happen when you don’t have a proper ladder, and improvise by standing on a tabletop or the back of the couch. Then there’s the issue of having a substitute light to see by, along with any trouble you might have removing a broken old bulb, or choosing a new one that’s the wrong size or wattage. Prepare for these kinds of factors in advance by having the proper equipment and replacement bulbs on hand, and remember to make sure the light switch is off.


Trimming Nearby Trees

The dangers involved in this chore include, but are not limited to, heights, live wires, improvised tools, and sharp objects. Trees not only need to be trimmed for their own health, but also to keep their branches from interfering with power lines as they grow. There’s also the possibility of dead, untrimmed branches falling, and damaging your home or car below. Homeowners often choose to invest in the services of a professional tree trimming service rather than do this task on their own.

Anything Involving Bleach

Sodium hypochlorite, also known as bleach, is an effective sanitizing agent and can be easily found in most households and as a main ingredient in many cleaning products. However, this also means people tend to use too much bleach, and too often. It should only be used in very small concentrations, and never without protective gear like rubber gloves. Common household products that contain ammonia and vinegar, or even just hot water, can cause a dangerous chemical reaction when mixed with bleach. Most professionals use bleach as a sanitizing agent as opposed to an all-purpose cleaner.

Part of being a successful homeowner is being able to maintain your home, keeping it beautiful and comfortable, and improving it whenever possible. Knowing a few simple facts, preparing in advance, and knowing when to turn to a professional for help, can help you stay safe when you’re doing those hazardous household chores.
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