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Monthly Archive: January 2017

A Trip Back In Time – Kitchen 20 Years Ago

Kitchens 20 years ago are a whole lot different to kitchens of today. While some of the kitchens of today may pay homage to a ‘vintage’ style, many of them are still fairly modern. There’s nothing worse than an ‘outdated’ kitchen, as it’s a room we use every single day. We should love the design so we enjoy spending time in there and going about our day. It’s one of the most important rooms in the home and one that can add a lot of value to the home too. Let’s take a look at kitchens 20 years ago so you can see how things have changed:

Ceramic Tiles

The sales of ceramic tiles were booming back in the 90s. Just about everything used ceramic tiling, from oven backsplashes to floors. While some kitchens still use ceramic tiles today, they aren’t as overused as they once were.

Black Granite Counter

Tips on Preparing for a Move

If you’re preparing for a move, this can be very exciting! It can also be a lot to plan so check out these simple tips that can help you plan for your move. That way when the big day comes, you can sip your coffee and get ready to enjoy your new home.


Moving Preparation Tips

Find your movers first

For starters, with any move, you want to hire a reputable service. Check on Angie’s List or Yelp, and try to avoid Craigslist. People turn to Craigslist in a pinch to save money, but they may end up with more headaches from unlicensed movers or movers that don’t show up. For residential movers Boston MA residents look online for local services and then verify references.

If you’re tight on funds, let the movers know up front and that way they might be able to work with you. You may find …