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Natural Solutions For Mosquito Control

When you’re enjoying time outside with your family and friends for a special event, the last thing that you want to deal with is mosquitoes. You can invest in a lot of the chemicals that might end up killing your plants in the process, or you can try a few natural solutions that will keep the insects from ruining your event.


A Breakfast Beverage

Walk around the exterior of the home to see if there are any containers or areas with standing water. If there are, then sprinkle some coffee grounds on them. The grounds will soak up the water, getting rid of the breeding ground for mosquitoes. When the eggs that are in the water come to the surface, they will die because they won’t have the oxygen from the water that is needed to survive.

Set A Trap

There are several types of mosquito traps that you can get at retail and hardware stores. They are made with a slim piece of plastic with glue on it that has products that the insects are attracted to, causing them to stick to the trap when they land. Another idea for a trap is to put vinegar in a plastic bottle with tape wrapped around the top. You can cut the bottle in half as well with the top half of the bottle acting as a funnel inside the bottom portion. This will help to prevent the insects from getting out of the vinegar once they are inside. A little brown sugar can be added to the vinegar as well for a sweet enticement.

Garlic Cloves

The smell of garlic is enough to keep many animals away. Crush a few cloves, and boil them in water. Take the water outside so that the scent is dispersed into the air. It will keep mosquitoes and other flying insects away for quite some time. Another way to use the mixture of garlic and water is to put it in a spray bottle and spray the screens of the windows in the home. It will keep the insects from wanting to come inside.

Hiring A Professional

When nothing seems to be working, you might have to call in a professional to help with special event mosquito treatment. A professional company uses products that are safe for the guests while getting rid of the pesky mosquitoes that want to take over your event. The company will be able to protect a large area of the outdoor space instead of small areas that products from home would cover.