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Monthly Archive: March 2018

Why skirting boards are important

Skirting boards, or baseboards, have existed for many years in different forms and serve many purposes.

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Firstly, skirting boards are decorative, with older homes featuring high skirting boards and intricate mouldings. Secondly, a skirting board protects the wall from accidental knocks and wear and tear from hoovers, mops and furniture. Skirting boards are also a clever way of hiding rugged or uneven flooring or wall edges.

Wood flooring and skirting board renovations

If you are renovating a room in your home that already has skirting boards fitted, you can either leave them in place or remove them for the flooring to be laid. Many choose to keep the skirting boards in place, as removing them can take the wall’s plaster off with them.

If you keep the skirting board in place, flooring can be installed up to each wall, with a beading accessory used to form a neat …