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Key Characteristics of Modern Kitchen Design

Many homeowners are interested in giving their kitchens a fresh start. For these folks, a modern kitchen might be in their plans. But what are key characteristics of modern kitchen design and how can you go about bringing this aesthetic into your home? We have a list of the crucial aspects that you will need to consider, they include the appliances, the lighting, the furnishings, even the color of the kitchen and your kitchen accessories. 

In short, modern interior décor is about simplicity, minimalism, and contrast of color, with an emphasis on gray, black, and white. 

Modern Kitchen Cabinets

Your cabinets take up the majority of your wall space. When you walk into your current kitchen, chances are you will notice the cabinets first. They are also tasked with storing all of your important items from utensils to dinnerware to mugs and glasses to, of course, your food. So, when it comes to giving your kitchen a modern design, you definitely want to start by updating your cabinets. 

This often means ensuring that your cabinets extend all the way to the ceiling, equipped with brushed steel or chrome hardware, and going with a smooth, sleek appearance. You might go with a new replacement cabinet set or consider cabinet painting san jose ca to reflect a color that works better in a modern kitchen. 

Modern Appliance Choices

Updating your kitchen’s décor to a modern aesthetic means upgrading your appliances to match. Two things to consider here, the latest technologically advanced models are what you want to put in and make sure they match the color of your modern look. So, think about going smaller with the size of your appliances, have them installed in the wall and flush with the surface. 

Go with stainless steel. This goes for all of your appliances including your refrigerator, freezer, dishwasher, even smaller items like your coffee maker, blender, toaster. Anything that you plan to use on a regular basis and display anywhere in your kitchen should match the rest of the other appliances. 

Modern Countertop Materials

Granite is one of the most popular options that homeowners tend to select for their homes. But while granite is a common choice, a lot of homeowners will go with marble. The latter can be more expense but sometimes it’s worth it to pay extra for the luxurious kitchen that you really want. 

What makes both a good choice is that each is a natural stone material that offers increased durability, a unique aesthetic, and little to no maintenance beyond some warm water and soap across the surface from time to time to kill germs. 

Other materials that contribute to a modern aesthetic are glass, concrete, and stainless steel. When placed in the right kitchen, the materials can make that kitchen remarkable and forward thinking in terms of functionality and style. So, choose your materials carefully and be sure you take your cabinets and appliances into account so everything is complementary and none of your components clash with one another.