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What Type of Carpet Is Easiest to Keep Clean?

When it comes to getting a clean carpet, you want the carpet that’s going to be the easiest to maintain. But many homeowners may be under the impression they should buy one type of carpet over another so they are able to keep it cleaner for longer and without too much effort. 

That leads them to ask which type of carpet is the easiest to keep clean, so they can purchase that particular carpet. Take it from your friends at J&P Independence Chem-Dry, there is no real hard and fast answer to this question. You can keep any type of carpet clean as long as you do the work. Some carpets are designed to last longer and some require less steps in order to maintain the condition and protect the fibers of your carpet. 

But with so many carpet types available on the market, your options for finding the one that fits your home and your lifestyle are wide-ranging. So, while there may be no perfect carpet type for effortless maintenance, you may want to consider these types for their ability to resist the levels of wear and tear and foot traffic that can damage the material and prematurely age your expensive floor covering. 

Nylon Carpets

When you want a material that can stand up to just about any form of punishment you can dish out, nylon is your material of choice. It’s one of the most resilient and durable fibers you are going to find for carpet as it can stand up to everything from abrasion to mildew to bugs and germs. Maintenance is super simple and it’s a versatile material that does well with dye. Nylon has natural resistance to stains. 

Wool Carpets

The thing that homeowners love about wool carpeting is that it’s supple and comfortable, bringing a density to it that makes the carpet soft and luxurious. Wool also maintains its fiber height, so you need not worry about the carpet developing dents. Since wool fibers are so dense, if you don’t vacuum one week, you won’t notice the buildup of soil. 

On the other hand, you do need to be very careful that you don’t allow your wool fibers to get stuck in direct sunlight. They can and will fade under bright UV rays and wool does stain easily. Far more quickly than nylon. 

Acrylic Carpets

If you like the feel and performance of wool but don’t want to pay for such luxury, you want to go with an acrylic carpet. Acrylic is the synthetic version of wool in many respects as it offers high resistance to stains, moisture, static, and where it has wool beat, resistance to sun damage. But do keep in mind that while wool is a dense fiber that holds its fiber height well, acrylic doesn’t stand up to high foot traffic in the same manner. 

So, consider your choice of acrylic or wool carefully. If you want a less expensive alternative then go with acrylic but just remember, in the end you get what you pay for.