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What Your Exterior House Painter Should Tell You About Colors

Exterior paint jobs tend to be done less frequently than interior ones. When you want to give internal surfaces a face lift, you can do it on a room-by-room basis. That is not really a viable option for an exterior paint job. A half-finished job is going to look pretty awful, and is unlikely to go down well with your neighbors.

The fact that it is likely many years will pass before your next exterior paint job means you will want to get it right, and that means selecting the right color scheme. This is something that many people may struggle with, but your exterior house painter should be able to give you some sound advice. Before you hire an exterior house painter, you should check the painter’s references, and make sure you are dealing with somebody who has plenty of experience. That means he or she is better placed to give you good advice.

Fitting in

We all like to be unique, but we do not want to be unique to the point where others think we are oddballs. You may have an idea of what colors you want to paint your outside walls, but if your exterior house painter tells you to think again, you should listen. It is possible to paint your house in colors that make it stand out, but not to the point of appearing totally out of place.


Most often, you will want your color scheme to complement those of your neighbors. Resist the temptation to do something that is in total contrast to those homes that are around you. Even if your house is in a remote location, think about making it complement the surrounding landscape. Getting your color scheme right is not just an aesthetic thing. If you want to sell your home, you will find it harder to find buyers if your colors are too garish or outlandish. You will also be forced to sell for less, as potential buyers will instantly want to deduct the cost of having the whole exterior repainted.


Ask your exterior house painter what are his or her favorite paint jobs in the vicinity. You can then go have a look and see what you think. You do not have to copy the paint scheme directly, but it can give you ideas for your own home. Ask your exterior house painter what appeals to him or her about these favorites, and see if you are on the same wavelength.

Stay detached

Color can be a bit like food, and different things appeal to different people. If your exterior house painter thinks the colors you have chosen are questionable, do not take this as a personal insult. It comes down again to the fact that you will have to live with the scheme you choose for a long time, so getting it right is the most important thing.

Your exterior house painter is an expert, so pay attention to the advice you get. That will help you avoid costly mistakes. See here for some more ideas.