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How To Choose A Tree Service Company

When it’s time to look for a Edmonton Arborist and Tree Service company you might wonder how to go about finding a reputable company. There are definitely ways to protect yourself against fraud and listed them here.


1)    Insurance. You always want to make certain any company you hire carries the appropriate liability and Workers Compensation insurance. Request a copy be sent directly to you to prevent any fraudulent certificates.

2)    BBB. Is the company you’re thinking of hiring an accredited member of the bureau and inquire about their rating and whether they’re in good standing.

3)    Reputation. Take the time to check out their reputation in the local community. The right tree service will have lots of positive online reviews and/or ask the company for references.

4)    Bid too low. What’s that old saying if it sounds too good to be true. A low bid could signal no experience, they are missing the proper insurance or may they won’t complete the job.

5)    Too expensive. The opposite of that is a bid that seems too high and you may want to take a pass. Don’t let a salesman convince you removing  an easily accessible tree in your front yard is worth $900.

6)    Multiple estimates. The best way to safeguard the previous 2 pitfalls is requesting several which helps you see what is a normal price.

7)    Comparisons. Make sure the scope of work is the same ie branch removal in order to make a good comparison.

8)    Avoid door to door contractors. The only way to safeguard yourself is to NEVER do business with anyone who comes to your door.

9)    Use caution after a natural disaster. Don’t allow yourself to be exploited in this situation and if you must hire someone who shows up on your doorstep check their insurance and licensing first.

10)  Pay on completion. Hold back part of your payment until the work

is complete to your satisfaction.

Whether you have a tree down after one of Edmonton’s windstorms or you may require the services of an arborist contact us at TimberTrim Tree Works, a fully licensed and insured company.