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Differences Between Commercial And Home Elevators

Commercial elevators have been in use for many years and are designed for a single, specific purpose. The versatility of home elevators requires a very different design goal depending on their purpose.


Commercial Elevators

Commercial elevators are installed for the sole purpose of moving items or people as efficiently as possible. Restaurants often situate their kitchens on a different level away from the main dining area for various reasons. An elevator is essential to move meals, linens, cutlery, dishes then return them to the kitchen again. Elevators in office buildings carry workers, furnishings and documents to different floors throughout the building. In a hotel, cruise ship or hospital setting elevators carry guests, patients, visitors,  laundry  and other items between floors. Commercial elevators allow businesses of all sorts to keep up with demand in an efficient manner.

Home Elevators

A home elevator is not as utilitarian as a commercial one and comfort and style are more of a design feature. The reason for installing an elevator in the home is not for the purpose of moving heavier objects the way a commercial elevator is needed. Many homes, condos and townhomes are constructed on many levels and installing a home elevator can be beneficial to homeowners.

Depending on the type of elevator moving laundry, groceries, prepared meals or other items between different levels is made easier with a home elevator. Commonly known as a

“ dumbwaiter “ those installed in a private residence will be designed differently than those for commercial applications.

Weight Capacity

The weight capacity of a home elevator used to carry items will allow a total weight of 50 to 120 lbs although those installed to carry people can carry more weight. Commercial elevators may be able to carry 200 to 500 lbs and their total weight capacity is what determines how many passengers it can carry.

Different Capacities

A residential dumbwaiter can be designed to make up to four stops as it travels between different levels of the home. With a commercial dumbwaiter the have the ability to make up to 6 stops, the equivalent of 50 feet.

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