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Advantages and disadvantages of using remote-controlled ceiling fans

The ceiling fans have three modes of control for switching on and off – the oldest way of pulling a chord from the motor, the second consists of controls on the wall in the image of the switches and the third and the most recent is the control of fans by means of a remote-control. Today all three modes of controlling are available in the ceiling fans with one being more expensive than the other to have in your fan. The fans with remote-control are bound to cost you more money as compared to the fans with normal chord or the switch control. Keep in mind all the pros and cons, before you buy ceiling fans that are suitable for your home or office.

Usually the fans with the remote-control are more efficient. These are more convenient and offer many advantages but there are times when the user wishes that it would have been better if there had been no remote-control. Thus, the remote-control has advantages as well as disadvantages of use. Let us see what are these advantages and disadvantages when we use remote-controlled ceiling fans:



  • The advent of the BLDC motors has brought the remote-control possible in the ceiling fans and since the BLDC motors are more efficient thus the remote-controlled fans are more efficient to use.
  • The remote-control fans can help you in a situation when you are living in a flat and can’t get to the wires in the ceiling because of ownership problems but you have light or some other source available for electricity. Thus, you can attach the remote-control fan to that same source and using the remote-control to control the fan as to when it is to be used simultaneously with the device it has been connected with and when it is not needed and has to be switched off with keeping the other working.
  • It is advantageous when you have a big hall and you have installed more than one fan in that hall and all have one switch on the wall to be turned on simultaneously but the second one is not needed. Thus,remote-controlled fans will be helpful in these situations as you can switch one off, the one that is not needed by the remote and the other one which is needed is kept running.
  • The remote-control fans are also helpful in the conditions when there is some elderly or a physically challenged person in the house who cannot reach the switch controls to control the fan and depends on others every time to do that. The remote-control fans come in really handy with these people as they can easily control the fans without depending on others.
  • The remote-control fans offer many other options like the sleep mode, speed control, time mode etc. which are very good.


  • The remote-control fans are expensive and everybody cannot afford them easily.
  • These devices are not understood by everyone and thus few people in the house cannot control them efficiently and may unknowingly mess them up.
  • The remote-control may get lost or be broken if there are children in the house.
  • The remote-control requires batteries and eventually it will get lost or be broken one day thus it requires maintenance.