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Choosing the right paint color for your hallway


One overlooked feature in most homes is the hallways, yet there are, often, the first interaction a guest has with your home. It’s usually from a lack of trying; you may have different themes in the rooms joining to the hallway and don’t know what the middle ground is. For example, if you have a plumbago gray living room and a lime green kitchen, knowing what color compliments both can be challenging. What you ought to do first is to determine the type of hallway you have.

Dark hallways

Most hallways do lack natural light, so your best option is to go with neutral paint colors. You can look at color pallets, as with the example used, gray and green to establish what lighter color works well. There are plenty of resources online to help you with that. For narrow hallways with low ceilings, opt for a glossy white color. These tend to give the impression of an enlarged space. You can also consider breaking the color- having the white on top and a darker color at the lower bottom half of the wall to give the illusion of height.

Tip: Consider adding wall lighting to your hallway. For narrow ones, get a small fixture; the size needs to be proportional to the space available. Add a colorful rug or painting for added effect.

Bright hallways

When there’s natural light pouring in, your paint color options increase. You can opt for warm tones and paintings or rugs with darker hues for added effect. You can equally consider putting colorful wallpaper; murals, Voyager, asymmetrical, monochrome or floral- there are endless selections to pick from in the market today. Wainscoting, wall trims, and crown molding are a fantastic addition to large hallways. Someone like Personal Injury Lawyer Chatham would go for this.

Tip: Use neutral tones to break the color or patterns at doorways to for added flow into the hallway

High ceilings

For homes with high ceilings, opt for darker colors to make the roof appear lower. That is unless you don’t want to maintain the grandiosity that comes with having a high ceiling. Continue using the color at an adjacent wall to make the most out of it. Alternatively, you can install wall moldings to break up the intensity.

Tip: add pendant lights or chandeliers for a smaller and intimate space.

Windows in the hallway

Make the most of the natural light by using bringer shades such as tan or yellow. If you can, avoid using curtains. If you however do, opt for window treatments that allow in more light but still give you much-needed privacy.

Tip: insert mirrors in the hallway to create the feeling that it’s spacious.