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Why the Bathroom is the Most Important Room in Your House

When you own a home, you begin to discover that although there are many rooms they you enjoy in your home, a few develop a special place for you.  This could be because of the way the room feels or the furniture you have in the room. Maybe it is a family room with comfortable chairs and a big screen television that provides entertainment for you and your family. Perhaps it is your bedroom that is where you plop down at the end of a long day and fall fast asleep, or maybe it is the kitchen where you cook meals. It can be any room really, proving that any room can be important, but for many they come to discover that the bathroom is the most important room in the house. Here is why they reach that conclusion:

The Bathroom is Where You Start Your Day

When you wake up in your bedroom whether it is in the middle of the night or to start your day, the bathroom is the place you head first and with good reason. There are important bodily functions that need to be taken care of that only bathroom toilets can accommodate. The bathroom is also the place that can get your ready to start your day. You use the bathroom basin mixers and the basin to wash your face, brush your teeth and perform other important morning routines.  Bathroom showers are next on the list where you let cool or warm rejuvenating water ease your body into the new day. Once your morning bathroom routine is complete, you can get moving assured that you are clean and looking great.

The Bathroom is the place you come throughout the day to refresh yourself

When you get home from a hard day, you head to the bathroom to wash your face and hands and if you are a female you will likely remove your makeup. It is here that you begin to get into relax mode and let your stress recede. If it is a weekend and you have been out exercising, bathroom showers or bathtubs provide the perfect opportunity to remove the grime and get some soothing muscle relief.

The Bathroom is where you end your day

The final room you spend time in before you go to bed is the bathroom. Here you might take a cleansing shower or relaxing bath complete with essential oils and mood lighting. You can take the time to reflect on your day and mentally begin to plan out your next one. A final wipe dry with the towel and you are off to bed relaxed and prepared for a great sleep.

There are many important rooms in your home. Some provide relaxation, others provide essential access to things you need, while others give you a chance to congregate with you family and friend. But when you think about it, the bathroom provides you the most benefits and for this reason, it is the most important room in thee house.