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What is the best way to organise a wardrobe?

Is it taking you far too long to get dressed in the morning? Is your wardrobe making you stressed? You’ve probably got hundreds of items of clothing but struggling to find a single thing to wear? Well, it could be time for serious wardrobe reorganisation. Here are some tips to get your wardrobe back under control:

  1. Major clear out

The first thing is to carry out a major overhaul of what’s actually inside your closet. Categorise every item into different piles of ‘sell’, ‘bin’, ‘charity’ and ‘keep’. If in doubt, try on the item and see if you’ve simply forgotten how great it looked or if it can be altered in any way. Be drastic and thorough though, if it’s not been worn for years then it likely won’t be again – at least not by you.


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  • One out, one in

For every new item you purchase, get rid of an old one. This way of editing your wardrobe on an ongoing basis is helpful when it comes to knowing how many clothes you have. If you don’t do this, you’ll think you have loads but in actual fact, all you have is a large volume of outdated and outgrown garments.  

  • Organise by category and colour

Not only will this make everything look smarter, it will be so much easier to locate items when you’re in a rush to get ready in the mornings. This is much easier if you have the right wardrobe configuration for your needs. A bespoke wardrobe is a worthwhile investment as you can pick and choose which storage elements you need most. For more information on Bespoke Fitted wardrobes, visit a site like lamco-design.co.uk/fitted-wardrobes/

  • Get the right accessories

As well as storage, having the right hangers, boxes and partitions is vital for keeping drawers and shelves neatly organised. This is especially important for storing smaller items like socks, underwear and belts, for example.


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  • Store in the right way

For example, knitwear should be kept flat and folded to prevent any pulling that could cause the garment to become misshapen.  For expensive items, storage is key to ensuing you’re looking after it in the best way. Designer items should be kept in dust bags, for example.

  • Shoe boxes

If most of your shoes are kept in their original boxes, then to speed up the locating process, consider taking photos of the shoes and taping them to the outside of the box. This saves a lot of time and means you don’t have to go through a pile of boxes to find the pair you want.

  • Seasons

If space is at a premium, consider keeping clothes for the current season easily accessible while packing away the other seasons garments until you need them. There is no point in wrestling with a load of hanging summer dresses in the middle of winter!