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Hot And Cold Water Dispensers: Tips and Handy Information

If you’re considering the addition of a hot and cold water dispenser to your home, and whether or not it’s a worthy investment for you and your family, it definitely pays to do your research and read up on what makes these appliances a popular choice for families in Australia. If you value convenience and want ease of access to a good hydration source, a hot and cold water dispenser can make quite a big difference with your drinking habits.

Water dispensers have two types, and are differentiated by means of their water source. 

Point of use water dispensers use an existing water line, and filter hot or cold water as it is dispensed. However, this type of dispenser is more costly to install as it does entail working around existing pipes, and installing a variety of components to ensure that your water does not only come in the temperature you want, but is also filtered properly. Aside from this, it may require more involved cleaning and maintenance – consult with your installer if you are wanting to get this type of dispenser for your home.

On the other hand, a bottle-fed water dispenser uses pre-packaged bottles of water as a source. The standard bottle-fed dispenser works by placing a water bottle upside down, letting gravity and pressure work to dispense much needed hydration when you turn on the tap. Often, these types of dispensers are also offered with cooling and heating options, which make it easier to get the right temperature of water for your needs. And because bottle-fed dispensers require pre-filtered water sources, some brands on the market are easier to clean and maintain as you do not have to deal with a water filter clean-up ever so often. And while compared to point of use water dispensers that do not require replacing water bottles to keep the water going, there are some water companies available that provide regular deliveries, which means that you won’t be out of water at the worst times.

Better Than Kettles?

If you’re after a water dispenser to ensure clean, great tasting water, and want a hot and cold type so that you can use it for your teas, coffees, soups, and other food preparation requirements, you may be thinking to yourself whether or not you should just get a kettle instead of investing in a water dispenser. While this may be a cheaper option, kettles do take some time to heat up water – and if not maintained properly, do get a build-up of limescale if you are not careful. This isn’t something that you’d want touching your water, and sometimes you may not even know that it’s begun to build up inside the kettle.

Instead, with a hot and cold water dispenser, you get hot water at the push of a button, no waiting needed, and none of the limescale build-up. This is because bottle-fed dispensers use pre-filtered water sources, and do not provide opportunities for hard water to evaporate from surfaces which can then leave behind the chalky residue that is associated with limescale. So getting a water dispenser is definitely a great idea, especially if you find that you’re boiling water for drinks and food fairly regularly!

Electricity Use

As water coolers require electricity to cool or heat water, it’s a worthy inquiry to look into the amount of electricity these appliances use. In general, this varies depending on the frequency of usage, and the amount of people making use of its functions.

A way to figure out for yourself how a specific dispenser may use electricity is to find the electrical voltage, multiply it by the amperage rating of the dispenser, and it should give you a good ballpark figure of the maximum amount of wattage the unit will draw. 

How To Find the Best Water Cooler Dispensers On the Market

When it comes to hot and cold water dispensers, there’s a lot of options out there. What you really need to consider is you and your family’s needs and usage. You can choose to buy your own water dispenser, and purchase the appropriate-sized bottles to boost the hydration of your household. Of course, as with all significant appliance purchases, it’s best to look at all your options before buying one, as you not only do you need to make sure that you are getting a high quality product for your money, but you will also have to deal with maintenance and cleaning regularly. After all, hydration is serious business, and you’d want nothing else than high-performing, great tasting water that will really help to boost you and your family’s health and hydration.

Not looking to buy a water dispenser, but wanting one for a short-term period? Another option, aside from buying your own unit, is to hire a water dispenser from a reputable water company. Not only will this ensure that you receive a water cooler model that has been tried and tested by many households and businesses before you, a professional water company will not only perform regular maintenance checks, but will also be able to address repair concerns if necessary in a timely manner. 

And, some companies even provide regular water deliveries that work around you and your family’s schedule, to make sure that you always have clean, great tasting water ready for placement on top of your water dispenser. It’s only a matter of shopping around and looking at your options of what water coolers to hire! If you’re wanting to learn more, it’s always a good idea to drop them a line to ask about their available water dispensers, and their specifications, too. Consider what your needs are, and what will be easier for you and your household members. After all, having great tasting, potable water at the temperature you need it to be is not only convenient, but also encourages everyone to hydrate in their day-to-day lives.