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10 Reasons To Call a Victoria BC Electrician

When it comes to the electrical system in your home, take no chances, unless you are a licensed electrician yourself. Yes, turning off switches and breakers can be done by anyone. If you’re a handyman, it may even be safe to check connections with a tester. But for any situation where you are unsure, here follow 10 reasons to call a Victoria BC electrician:

  1. A breaker trips frequently – this is a sign that a circuit is frequently overloaded, causing the safety mechanism that is the circuit breaker to trip. This can be caused by old wiring, a developing fault, or too many appliances or devices being plugged into that circuit.
  2. Flickering lights – if your hair dryer causes bulbs to flicker, or a fridge or dryer cause the lights to dim, then you have a marginal circuit. Appliances, specially motor-driven ones, draw a lot of power on startup,

How to test for asbestos in Nanaimo BC

Let’s set one thing straight first of all. Just because a house may contain asbestos doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t even enter it. Asbestos is seriously toxic and carcinogenic – but only when it is in dust form and breathed in through the lungs. This can happen through deterioration (when asbestos containing building materials break down), when it is broken by accident, or when a renovation or remodeling of an old house occurs and no testing for asbestos has been done.

Many online sites tout kits and steps for testing for asbestos yourself. Ask yourself this – if you are not a doctor, would you conduct an appendectomy on yourself or a loved one? Same for asbestos testing. If you are not trained and certified to be an asbestos tester, leave it to the professional. For almost a hundred years, asbestos was used by the building industry before people became …