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How To Protect Natural Stone Countertops

Homeowners will turn to granite countertops as a way to beautify their kitchens because they are easy to maintain and don’t require much attention beyond a routine cleaning. Granite is not the only type of stone that is chosen as a material for countertops as there are other options such as marble, limestone, travertine and soapstone, all of which have varying degrees of hardness or softness.

That part is important to keep in mind as the softer stone, the more porous it can be. I realize it may be tough to consider any form of stone as “soft” but that distinction is used to describe how easily it can be scratched or suffer the slings of everyday wear and tear.

Even more critical to consider is the idea that a stone can be porous and demonstrate an ability to absorb moisture and the bacterial contaminants within, all of which are …