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Monthly Archive: April 2018

Choosing the right paint color for your hallway


One overlooked feature in most homes is the hallways, yet there are, often, the first interaction a guest has with your home. It’s usually from a lack of trying; you may have different themes in the rooms joining to the hallway and don’t know what the middle ground is. For example, if you have a plumbago gray living room and a lime green kitchen, knowing what color compliments both can be challenging. What you ought to do first is to determine the type of hallway you have.

Dark hallways

Most hallways do lack natural light, so your best option is to go with neutral paint colors. You can look at color pallets, as with the example used, gray and green to establish what lighter color works well. There are plenty of resources online to help you with that. For narrow hallways with low ceilings, opt for a glossy white …

What Kind of Water Purifier Is the Best Fit for Your Modular Kitchen?

Nowadays, all the newly built houses and flats are stacked with modular kitchens. The kitchen area is pre-developed in such a way that all the necessary amenities are added and properly fitted in the area you have designated in your kitchen. These kitchen areas are technologically advanced and provide an appealing look to your house such that you may easily cook and enjoy your delicious supper with loved ones.

While the modular kitchen is crafted as per your needs unlike the already setup conventional kitchen, usually not much precaution is taken while saving a dedicated space for RO purifier in India. Hence, they end up compromising with their health by looking for unhealthy options or purchasing mineral water cans, which end up to be really a costly affair for the household.

Instead of compromising, switch to the best RO purifier in India,which will help keep your family completely …

Why are people more likely to recycle at home than at work?

We are told all the time that recycling is essential for preserving our environment, and it is, but shockingly many of the 99 per cent of people who recycle at home do not bother at work.

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Should recycling efforts focus on the workplace?

Statistics show that recycling efforts are not reaching the standards required. If 99 per cent of people are recycling at home, the main problem lies within places of work.

In the study conducted by Anglian Home Improvements, 2,000 people were questioned. Older people were found to be the worst culprits, with one-fifth of people aged 55-64 not recycling at work; in contrast, the younger generations were the biggest recyclers. Amongst 25- to 34-year-olds, just six per cent did not bother to recycle in the workplace.

The north also has some problems separating paper from plastics. Newcastle had the largest number of employees who do not …